We offer a wide range of services and prices vary depending on breed, size and coat type. Please call for an estimate on your dogs grooming price. We carry only the best products and equipment for your pet, a wide selection of all natural shampoos and conditioners are available to suit each pets different skin & coat needs. 

Full Groom

Our Full Grooming service includes the following

-Bath with an all natural shampoo/conditioner chosen based on your pets skin and coat


-Blowdry and brush out, Desheding of loose coat if needed

-Haircut (haircuts vary on owners request and condition of coat)

-Nails clipped

-Ear cleaning

-Pet Cologne/Perfume

-Bandana or bow to wear home

Prices start from £30

Bath & Brush

Our Bath & Brush service includes everything stated above with the exception of haircut, a la carte services can be added on request such as feet, face or sanitary trimming. 


Prices start from £20


Nail trimming is about a 10-15 minute appointment that can be done at short notice. Please ring ahead if you'd like to call in! 


Nail Trimming can be done on it's own for £8 

Nail Filing is available for £10

(to add a nail file to a full groom or bath service it is a £3 added charge)

Anal Glands can be expressed externally on request with recommendation from your vet. Please have your vet contact us with their recommendation. 

Price List

*Please note that prices are only an estimate until your dog's size and coat have been evaluated. Extra charges apply for matting from £5-15. 

Please inquire if your breed is not on the list for an estimate. Exact price with be given after your pet is assessed. 

Affenpinscher £36

Airedale Terrier £50

Akita £50

American Cocker £38

Basset Hound £35

Beagle £25

Bedlington Terrier £38

Bernese Mountain Dog £60

Bichon Frise £36

Bolognese £36

Border Collie £40

Border Terrier £34

Boston Terrier £22

Boxer £30

Bull Terrier £30

Cairn Terrier £36

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £34

Cavapoo £38

Chihuahua (long hair) £32

Cocker Spaniel (English) £38

Cockapoo £40

Dachshund £20

English Bulldog £25

French Bulldog £22

German Shepard £45

German Shorthair Pointer £35

Golden Retriever £40

Goldendoodle £55

Irish Setter £55

Jack Russell  (short hair) £22

                      (long hair) £32

Labrador £35

Lhasa Apso £36

Maltese £34

Miniature Poodle £40

Newfoundland £70

Norfolk Terrier £36

Pomeranian £34

St. Bernard £60

Schnauzer (Miniature)£34

                  (Standard) £38

Shih Tzu £36

Siberian Husky £45

Springer Spaniel £38

Staffordshire Bull Terrier £30

Standard Poodle £55

Tibetan Terrier £38

West Highland Terrier £36

Yorkshire Terrier £34