Terms and Conditions


Please read through carefully before booking your appointment at Westward Dog Spa.



*No Show/Cancellation Policy

Westward Dog Spa requires at least 24 hours’ notice of Cancellation. Failure to do so will result in a charge of 50% of the groom amount to be paid before booking future appointments. Grooming appointments are on a 1-1 basis meaning that anywhere from 1-3 hours is booked out exclusively for your pet. In the case of no show or short notice cancellation Westward Dog Spa will not have sufficient amount of time to reallocate your pets reserved grooming space. Please also be to appointments on time as failure to do so will result in putting other behind or possibly your appointment being cancelled and charges will apply. Pets must be picked up at their allocated finish time to ensure each dog is getting the 1-1 experience. Failure to pick up on time will result in a £5 boarding fee per half hour.


*Please ensure your pet has been for a walk and to the toilet before arriving at the salon. Your pets will not normally be taken outside during their short stay at Westward Dog Spa. (This does not apply to puppies or seniors as they will be let out as necessary)


*Matting Policy

Westward Dog Spa will not de-matt your dog. Attempting to to brush out matting that is close to the dog’s skin creates a risk of injury and pain to your pet. In the event your pet is matted you will be offered that we remove the matted coat by clipping the fur as short as we have to to ensure to remove the mats safely and pain free. In cases of severe matting an extra charge may apply on top of the regular grooming price for the time and care that is taken to remove a matted coat. Westward Dog Spa has this policy in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (2007) section 5 which states that ‘All animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease.’


*Flea Policy

We have a no flea policy. Pets seen with fleas during drop off will be sent home and appointment charges will apply. If your pet is found to have fleas during the grooming process a flea bath will be given and grooming room will be treated. An added fee of £5 will be added to the regular grooming price. Please check over your pets before their appointments, flea preventative is recommended to keep your pets flea free.


*We do not accept pets under any form of sedation. Also, we do not accept pregnant bitches for grooming.


*Westward Dog Spa often takes photos during and after the grooming process. Please make us aware if you would wish for these photos to not be shared as they may be used on social media/website unless told otherwise.


*If you are unable to drop your pet off and are having a partner/friend/family member etc. bring them in, please provide detailed instructions of what you would like for you pets grooming. If possible it’s best to ring us to go over instructions so there is no confusion and you can better achieve your desired look for your pet.  


*Westward Dog Spa has the right to refuse service for any reason it deems. In the event of a dog that cannot be groomed safely without danger to the dog or groomer Westward Dog Spa will use muzzles, collars, belly straps, etc. Grooming services may be stopped mid-groom if necessary for safety of the dog or groomer.



Parking is available in front of the salon. Westward Dog Spa and Windmill farm is NOT responsible for any loss or damage which might be sustained by any vehicle while on these premises. Vehicles parked here are done so at vehicle owners own risk. Please take care as this is a working farm and watch for Machinery, etc. 


*Pet Records

Please make Westward Dog Spa aware of any health issues, allergies or behavioral challenges so that we can care for your pet as best possible while they are with us.



Payments must be made in full during pick up of your pet. Payments can be made by cash or BACS